What Type of Barricade Should You Use?

Crowd control event barriers, portable event barriers, portable fences and traffic barriers. Barriers come in many forms and styles, but they all serve the same purpose; to protect people from potential danger.

You see barricades every day, they are so common that you don’t even realize just how often you come across them. You might come across barriers on your way to work as you pass under a bridge blocking a ramp that is being worked on. It is quite common to see barriers at a school drop-off zone. There will also be barriers at that rock concert to keep screaming fans from rushing the stage.

Barricades are everywhere and anywhere where traffic or a large crowd need to be controlled.

You are so used to seeing barricades that you automatically slow your car down as you approach them, knowing that you must be entering a construction zone. But you might not know what types of barricades are available. This makes it a little difficult to make smart choices when you need barricades for a particular situation.

Sonco is happy to explain to you about the various barricades we offer.

Traffic Barricades

Traffic barricades are used in highway and street construction zones and are the best way to protect motorists, workers and pedestrians.

Our traffic barricades are lightweight and easy to transport. They are also highly visible and proven to enhance driver awareness.

Event Barricades

You can bet that whatever type of event you attend, there will be some sort of plastic barriers or steel barriers. Interlocking barriers are popular for indoor or outdoor events and are used to mark of VIP areas and ticket lines.

Pedestrian Barricades

Schools, businesses and public service organizations all across the nation use pedestrian barricades as their primary method of crowd control. The main reason is that pedestrian barricades are far less expensive than having to hire employees to keep crowds moving quietly along.

Pedestrian barricades can be either temporary or permanent and there are several price points. You can choose from metal barricades, plastic barricades and vinyl event fencing.

Flat Feet Barricades

If you have ever been to an outdoor concert or parade, you have likely encountered flat feet barricades. Flat feet barricades are made of steel, but they are hollow in the center which makes them lightweight and easy to transport. Since they are steel, they are weather-resistant and structurally sound.

This type of barrier is best for sidewalks and city streets, anywhere really where the surface is flat.

Bridge Feet Barricades

Bridge feet barricades are named as such because the feet grip the ground at both ends of the barricade. This makes them the ideal barriers to use on uneven ground at festivals, fairs and other outdoor events where you need feet designed for jagged surfaces.

Plastic Barricades

Need a quick solution for last-minute crowd control? Plastic barricades are sturdy, lightweight and easy to set up and take down. If you need crowd control barricades for your event, plastic barricades are a huge time saver.

For more information about perimeter security and other crowd control products, contact the Sonco team.