What Is a Stanchion? A Quick Look at Fast Crowd Control

While crowd control and queue management measures vary widely depending on the application, one you’ll see often is the stanchion and belt. They’re commonly used in retail stores, hotels and convention centers, airports, and event venues. But what is a stanchion exactly? And how can you use them to keep crowds safer and more organized? Here’s a brief guide to get you started on this versatile, affordable solution:

What is A Stanchion: Definition of Stanchion Post

A stanchion is an upright pole or wall-mounted housing unit that typically contains a retractable belt or a rope hook. The goal is to create specific areas for queueing or to keep folks away from restricted areas. That’s why stanchions are most often seen in businesses where lining up is standard practice, and regular cleaning and maintenance is part of everyday operations.

However, the stanchion and rope or belt combo is a broader category of crowd control equipment that’s typically broken down by the following types:

Traditional Post and Rope Stanchions

stanchions for red carpet events

Traditional post and velvet rope stanchions grace the floors of amusement parks, museums, and movie theaters. This classic pole and rope barrier provides any venue with an elegant feel to manage queues.

The traditional stanchion set up serves to maintain order, direct traffic, and block off areas with style and efficiency.

You might see bronze stanchions or custom powder-coat finishes with customized velvet ropes that match the decor. At SONCO, our stanchion selection offers a wide range of rope colors and finishes. Learn more here.

Retractable Belt Stanchions

retractable stanchion are used for crowd management

The retractable belt stanchion is a favorite for crowd control professionals. These are multi-purpose, modern stanchions that can be found in a great number of businesses and venues.

Retractable belt stanchions come in a variety of colors and finishes, and the belts can be embellished with graphics, logos, or specific messages.

For example, the custom belt stanchions are a great tool to encourage physical distancing in the face of and wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, with messaging about keeping a six-feet distance across high-visibility, high-contrast colors.

Belted stanchions are extremely versatile and easily expanded or retracted depending on the ebb and flow of traffic. A four-way receptacle on top of the stanchion allows belts to expand in any direction. It is also quite easy to deploy additional stanchions and belts to existing set-ups. 

wall mount stanchion are used for hallways

Another popular choice is the wall-mounted retractable belt, perfect for hallways where posts would be cumbersome. Explore all SONCO retractable belt barriers today.

Extra-Long Portable Belt Stanchions

Extra-long retractable portable stanchions are in a league of their own. Easily covering over 200 linear feet, these are fantastic for crowd control in parking garages, airports, and stadiums.

In addition to superior coverage, extra-long belt stanchions are easy to use. A single staff member will have no problem deploying these stanchions in minutes.

Twin Belts and Extra-Wide Belt Stanchions for Construction

stanchions are use for crowd control in constructions

Construction sites need products that can last in all weather conditions, meaning durability is a key component. Further, the need for extra-high visibility and precaution means the need for special double belts, wider options, and even retractable belt housing units that can go right on top of a traffic cone. The SONCO SafetyPro 250 Twin is a great example.

Accessories Made to Boost Revenue

An upright bar is a great place to add some customer engagement. At SONCO, we offer a nice selection of stanchion accessories that include the Display Bowl, ideal for impulse-buy purchases, and the literature holders, where you can offer coupon books and beyond. They’re both a great way to monetize your queues.

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The Best Stanchions on the Market

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