The Benefits of Retractable Belt Barriers

Crowd control barriers are now ubiquitous and seen at airports, concerts and any business or venue in need of complete control of entrance and exit points. Belt barriers can be found at your bank, grocery store and post office, just about anywhere lines form.

Safety is a priority of all types of businesses. Whether you are remodeling your office or store or otherwise need a good safety barrier system, Sonco Perimeter Security has the perfect solution. We understand that all crowd control barrier systems are not the same.

Here are a few benefits of using retractable barrier systems.

Transportation and Storage

A retractable belt stanchion is easily transported and easily stored. This type of barrier can be loaded up in most small cars and taken to wherever they are needed. And if your company is in a building with multiple floors, transporting these stanchions is as easy as loading them on the elevator. This saves money not having to buy separate systems for each floor.

When your barrier system is not needed, simply store it in a designated storage area until the next time you need it. You won’t need much space.

Recognition and Visibility

You would be hard-pressed to find somebody who has never seen a retractable barrier before. This is because these types of barriers are everywhere and the chances are quite high you have been through one on many occasions.

When people encounter retractable barriers, they know just what to do. They know there are areas they need to avoid or follow the belts to the appointed place. The system brings security by being quickly recognized to newcomers that there is something to avoid or something to follow.


Part of what makes a retractable belt system such a great system is the retractable part. It takes one or two people to set these up. All that needs to be done is to set up the stanchions and attach the belt.

It is just as easy to take apart.


Retractable belt systems offer multiple configurations to give you the opportunity to provide control and protection in any type of space or layout.

Multiple Applications

The most popular uses for retractable belt systems is to help crowds form a line and stay in line. Multiple posts can be used to create various lines. Good line formation gets people where they need to be in an orderly fashion.

Another great use for these types of barriers is to prevent accidents in potentially dangerous areas. This could be something simple and basic as a wet floor or something more dangerous like a renovation or other type of construction.

You can also use retractable systems to help people out of an area. Clear signage and roped off areas make it easier for guests to find a way out.

People spend all day figuring out their next move. The last thing a consumer or client wants to do is figure out where they need to go to receive service in your place of business. Make it easy for them by planning their next move for them. They will thank you for it.

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