Temporary Fence Panels: Should I Rent or Buy?

Temporary fence panels are essential for a variety of applications. But generally speaking, construction companies and event managers use temp fencing to help manage crowds, keep unauthorized people from entering your site, maintain privacy, and keep workers and visitors safe. 

But should you rent your temporary fence panels, or does a long-term investment make more sense? Read on for SONCO Perimeter Security’s quick and easy guide to determine which fencing option makes the most sense for you.

Renting vs. Buying Temporary Fence Panels

The number one consideration when it comes to renting or buying temp fencing is simple: how will it affect your bottom line? You don’t want to start renting only to find yourself spending as much as an outright purchase. However, if you don’t have storage space to spare, you might not have an option.

Rent if:

  1. You’ll only need the fencing once or twice over the course of several years, and you are only using it for a short period (less 6 months).
  2. You don’t have the storage space.

Buy if:

  1. You’ll need the fencing more than a couple of times in the foreseeable future.
  2. You have adequate room to store them when they’re not in use.
  3. You have a crew to do the fences install.

Renting Temporary Fencings

Most rental companies will offer fence rental on a month-to-month basis. But you can also find some willing to offer weekly or even daily rates. Most pricing is based on the length of the fence you require, and the average daily price for fencing is $1.75 per linear foot.

However, price depends on several considerations. Things like the height of the fence, type of fence, and the accessories needed can significantly affect the final cost. An 8-foot, reinforced temp fence with custom signage is going to cost more than a six-foot fence with a standard dust screen.

Buying Temp Fence Panels

The upfront cost of buying a temp fence is going to be higher than renting. It’s the same logic that applies to renting an apartment versus buying a condo. But that larger price tag can mean your bottom line is helped in the long-run.

Estimate how much you’ll spend renting fences over the next five years. If it’s higher than the cost of buying them today—and you have the storage space—it might even make sense to take out a loan. Again, it’s impossible to overprepare for the potential costs, and that includes considering APR as well as repairs and replacements (which is why it’s smart to go with the industry’s most durable, longest lasting temp fencing.)

Costs You Can Easily Avoid

Replace Outdated Sandbags

You might consider renting sandbags along with your temp fencing, but they can be messy, unpleasant to look at, and a trip hazard. For longevity, aesthetic appeal, and safety features, you can’t beat the SONCO sandbag alternatives – whether you’re renting or buying:

  1. BigFoot: the ultimate sandbag replacement, designed as ballast weight for fence panel stands.
  2. OxStand: Low profile stand made from reinforced plastic with highly visible orange/yellow material.
  3. OxBlock: designed to outlast regular concrete blocks, this stand is easy to handle, deploy and store.

Gates Made for You

Another consideration is the need for gates to get in and out of your temporarily fenced-in areas, which can include both vehicle and man gates.

Companies like SONCO can actually build you custom gates specific to your needs and environment rather than relying on renting something general, standard, and potentially less effective. Ineffectiveness can cost you more in the long-run by increasing your risk for liability.

Privacy Screens Do More Than Create Privacy

Privacy screens are available for rent to protect from prying eyes as well as wind, debris, and dust. But because they’re incredibly easy to store and excitingly affordable, buying them outright often makes more sense.

Further, you can create new streams of revenue by selling your temp fencing ad space to third-party companies. With custom fence screens, you can turn your enclosure into a money-making billboard.

Other Considerations

As a part of your rental package, some companies will deliver and set up your temporary fence. But if this isn’t part of the package, you can expect to be charged extra for delivery and set up, as well as pickup and breakdown. If they don’t mention it, ask. You don’t want to be slapped with an unexpected cost, especially when you’re weighing renting vs. buying.

There are many factors to consider when you need temp fence panels. If you have any questions or clarifications, don’t hesitate to contact SONCO Perimeter Security. Free of charge and with no obligation, we’ll help you formulate the best path forward specific to your needs, budget, and goals.