Your 2020 Guide for Buying Metal Barricades

When you work in entertainment, construction, government, or a similar field, you’ll likely use metal barricades often. You probably also know that shopping for them isn’t as easy as it seems.

Sure, all metal barricades look similar, but their differences can be substantial. From storage optimization to use on uneven surfaces, what feels like “little things” can make the most significant impact on the success of a crowd control application.

That’s why the SONCO team created this straightforward overview to give you a leg up on the metal barricades buying process.

Decoding Metal Barricade Coating

At first glance, barricades with different coatings can be indistinguishable. But in-use, there’s a noticeable disparity. So, what’s the difference between powder-coated, pre-galvanized, and hot-dipped barricades?

Powder-Coated Barricades

Orange Powder-Coated Metal Barricade

Powder-Coated Barricades come in a wide variety of colors to provide a custom look that helps it blend into its environment. However, it also prevents rust and corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor use, particularly in areas prone to inclement weather.

Pre-Galvanized Barricades

The Pre-Galvanized Barricades feature a light coating that’s made for indoor use. If rust or corrosion isn’t a concern, there’s no reason to invest in anti-rust and corrosion galvanization.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Barriers

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Barriers

The premium option for outdoor longevity, these are dipped in a hot zinc coating to create a rust-proof seal. The Hot-Dipped Galvanized Barriers are super durable, withstanding the harshest weather conditions for years and years.

Putting Your Best Metal Barricade Feet Forward

The feet are the second most important concern after the finish. Each set of metal barricade feet are designed either for different surfaces or transportation.

Bridge Feet

Bridge Feet for Metal Barricades

Bridge Feet (also known as Y-stands) are trapezoidal to allow for more stability on uneven surfaces. They’re also removable, making them easy to store when not in use.

Flat Feet

Flat Feet for Metal Barriers

Flat Feet (also known as T-stands) are made for even ground. So, while they’re not much of a trip hazard, they’ll wobble if they’re not on a flat surface. These too are removable for easier storage.

Fixed Feet

Metal Barricade with Fixed Feet

Fixed feet are already attached to the barricade, and they can be used on both flat and uneven surfaces. A great example in the SONCO store is the 7 Foot Square Stacking Steel Barricade.

However, there is a drawback. If fixed feet become damaged, the entire barricade needs to be fixed or replaced (rather than just the feet).

Sliding Gate and Wheel Feet

Metal Barrier Sliding Gate and Wheel Feet

There’s a bit of a blurred line between sliding gate feet and general wheel feet. But many barricades designed as sliding gates will have fixed wheel feet, while other wheel feet sold separately are attached to existing barricades. 

For example, if you have both wheel feet and bridge feet, you can switch between the two depending on the purpose. Of course, wheel feet make transportation extremely easy, but the bridge feet can ensure more stability on uneven ground.

As for a sliding gate with built-in feet, this is especially useful when you have an interlocking barricade system. Whether for vehicles or people, gates can be crucial for safely and quickly slipping through designated areas.

All About Interlocking Hook Variations

This is an especially straightforward aspect of metal barricades. When hooks are straight (or, worse, angled at greater than 90º), they can come apart more easily. That’s why we design our interlocking barricades and fencing with a 30° bent to keep them together – while still making sure they’re easy to install and break down.

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Welding Type Is Important As Well

The two types of welds are Saddle Weld and Full-Circumference Weld. It’s important to note that the weld isn’t important if you’re buying from an industry-leading barricade brand. But it’s still worth knowing in case it’s mentioned in the specs:

  • SADDLE WELD: This is when the pipe is cut to fit exactly within the frame. Then the two parts are welded together for a secure and precise connection.
  • FULL-CIRCUMFERENCE WELD: This is when each pipe is welded all the way around the top frame (rather than cut to fit perfectly within it).

Valuable Metal Barricade Extras and Add-Ons

When you’re searching through the metal barricades for sale, you’ll come across optional inclusions beyond attachable feet. The two most common are presented below:

Barricade Carts

Metal Barricade Carts

Transport carts make moving barricades extremely easy. The ones available at SONCO are crafted to the same industry-leading standards as the barricades themselves. That means you don’t have to remove the barricades once the loaded cart is in storage. Some carts can fit up to 30 barricades or more.

When you’re buying several barricades at once, you can often save money by bundling your order with a transport cart.

Barricade Covers

Barricade Covers for Metal Barriers

Barricade jackets are custom-printed covers that fit over the frame of the barricade. They’re made of heavy-duty materials to withstand all weather conditions, including fade-resistance from the beating sun.

But the most exciting aspect is the full customization. Event hosts can generate sponsorship revenue by selling their barricade space to brands. Another option is utilizing the barricade covers for brand awareness or teasing an upcoming event. Since the variety of colors and design potential are limitless, so too are the possibilities.

If you have any other questions about metal barricades or their accessories, reach out to the friendly, knowledgeable experts at SONCO today. Click here for our online contact form.