Crowd Control Barriers and Summer Concerts

Kiss, Greta Van Fleet, Lana Del Rey, Elton John and Garth Brooks, the list of concerts set for this summer have fans of all music genres excited.

Whether you have tickets to Cardi B, The Cure or Dido, the last thing on your mind is how well security is set up at the venue. Most of us take concert security for granted. But just so you know, whether you are seeing Ariana Grande at Red Rocks or a local band covering Blue Oyster Cult at the county fair, security is a critical part of the event and much work is put into the effort to assure concertgoers and band members are safe.

Concert organizers face a specific set of challenges when it comes to security. Some events are sprawled across a vast area over the course of a day or several days, like Coachella for example, while others are set for one evening and can last just a few hours.

Some events will draw thousands of fans, some of whom might become intoxicated and perhaps a little rowdy. Other events will feature a more mellow crowd. In any case, the venue should be set up to make attendees feel welcome and protected.

Sonco Perimeter Security, your source for crowd control barriers, offers tips for securing outdoor events.

Think Big and Small

There will always be major threats that security needs to prepare for, like a natural disaster for example. Even though such occurrences are rare, it is a good idea to have a plan in place just in case.

Even though there are procedures for an earthquake or a bomb threat, it is far more likely that such events suffer issues like separated children or minor scuffles. In other words, you had better have solid plans to help reunite kids with their parents and stop minor scuffles before they get out of hand.

Make Guests Feel Welcome

Security isn’t always about protecting people, it is also about making them feel welcome. You want to make people feel safe and secure but you don’t want to make the venue feel oppressive or constricting.

To that end, the goal should be to not make security personnel less conspicuous, just make sure they understand they are also there to be friendly and helpful.

Establish a Perimeter

The most important thing about doing an outdoor concert is to establish a perimeter and determine who comes in and who does not.

The nature of the perimeter could be plastic barricades, a temporary fence or even a steel barricades, but personnel should also be positioned around the barrier.

Provide Medical Support

At a concert where guests are more likely to consume alcohol, a medical support team is recommended. A music festival lasting all day in the heat of summer also requires a medical response.


Communication can break down in the event of an emergency. Make sure you have clear communication paths with everybody on the team.

For more information about concert security contact Sonco.