Crowd Control Barriers and Event Safety Planning

Event coordinators have a lot to contend with when planning an event like a U2 concert or monster truck show, so it is easy to see how certain elements can be overlooked. The first key to producing an event that goes smoothly is understanding the importance of crowd management and safety.

Proper crowd management starts with knowledge. As a strategy is being developed, event planners must educate themselves about the expected audience. Certain events attract a specific type of people. For example, you will see a totally different crowd at a monster truck show than you will at a U2 concert.

Depending on what the event has to offer will determine how a certain crowd will act. For example, events in which alcohol is served will require more strict enforcement in order to maintain order.

Event organizers have a responsibility to ensure that safety and health risks are properly managed for the attendees, staff, volunteers and even the performers of the event. Sonco, your source for crowd control barriers, offers you the following steps for safe and effective crowd management.

Understanding The Crowd

When it comes to the number of people you need to work the event, you are at the mercy of several factors. It would be all too easy if, say, you are planning for a concert that sold exactly 5,000 tickets. But life isn’t like that.

The number of attendees at most events is a guess at best. But it can be an educated guess if you base your number on tickets sold, weather forecast and attendance of similar events.

Keep the expected demographic in mind when planning the event. If they are likely to be less familiar with the venue, you might want to provide a lot of direction.

Certain events can garner predicted actions. For example, music fans will surge to the front of the stage during popular songs.


Crowd management isn’t something you plan all on your own. You will find the best plans are hatched when key figures are consulted with including the venue owner, event contractors, transportation providers, emergency services and other businesses in the neighborhood that might be affected by the event.

Assess The Risk

From a bomb threat to malfunctioning equipment, there are many potential risks at any event. But what isn’t very straightforward is the risk generated by the crowd.

The main concern with crowds has to do with movement. Movement into the venue in a rush can escalate into trampling and crushing. So you will want to manage the crowd as they travel through the venue.

To do this, you will want to consider staggering the entry process, using fencing to keep certain routes clear and keeping the main attraction clear from obstacles.


The easiest way to communicate with the crowd is through signs. You can use either fixed signs or have LED boards that can show updates. You can also give guests maps of the venue to help them find alternative routes.

Having clear communication with team members is also essential. Two-way radios are still the best option.

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