Crowd Barriers, Stanchion Kits and Event Trends

Exactly what does it mean to be a part of the events industry in 2019? Well, if you have never planned or hosted an event or haven’t had one in a long time, things have certainly changed.

If you want your event to be a success, you have to be flexible, dynamic and you have to be in tune with your attendees. This means you need to discover event expectations and trends in 2019.

Regardless of the industry in which you represent, hospitality, decor or marketing just to name a very few, you need to stay on top of event trends if you expect to deliver inspiration. Holding an event in 2019 is much more than just ordering crowd barriers and stanchion kits, it’s all about staying relevant in your particular market by hosting killer events.

Sonco Perimeter Security, your crowd and traffic control store, offers tips to pull off a fantastic summer event.

Personalized Experience

It doesn’t matter what type of event people attend, they want it to be a personalized experience. The majority of people who attend events want said events to express who they are.

If you aren’t quite sure how to offer a personalized experience, you need to see what your clients or customers are saying about themselves on social media. While you might be using Facebook and other social media to promote your event, these very same social media sites should be used to listen to what everybody is saying. You will learn a lot about what people want and expect.

Unique Venues

To better create a one-of-a-kind experience, you need to do more than just settle on any venue. You need to think outside an event at the park, in a convention center or at a hotel ballroom. While those places are ideal and set up for events, they offer nothing that is unique or new.

It can be a little scary choosing a location other than what you are accustomed to, especially if it means you have to set up for crowd control. But with the help of Sonco, this becomes a task that is less intimidating and quite doable.

Food and Drink, and Then More Food and Drink

Research has shown that the more food and drink options you have at your event, the happier the people who attend will be.

This holds true for any event, but it is especially true if you happen to be in the foodservice industry and holding an event. There is a strategic reason to offer more food as over 80 percent of food festival attendees will post pictures of the food they encounter on social media.  

Seamless Transition

For your trade show or event that will have both indoor and outdoor components, make sure the transition is seamless.

It is a great idea to utilize both indoor and outdoor spaces, just make sure you set it up so it is easy to go from indoors to outdoors and outdoors to indoors. Of course, the best way to do this is with traffic control and custom signage.

Call Sonco Perimeter Security for more details concerning crowd control for your unique event.